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Bear Week Provincetown *Cancelled*



Provincetown Bears prepares a special welcome for Bears to one of North America’s most famous gay resort towns. Working with local club managers to program different music to create an atmosphere for a week of parties. Also allowing time to relax and have a true vacation. The events leave plenty of free time to enjoy the towns, restaurants, cabaret shows, National Seashore Park, beaches, and the daily gatherings at hotel pool decks.

All Provincetown bars and clubs are 21+ (strictly enforced), including two of the four hotel pools used for Bear Week. Public meeting places such as the active street scene, Town Hall benches, Spiritus Pizza and beaches are available for younger cubs to enjoy. Bars, clubs and restaurants are all smoke-free areas in Massachusetts; provisions are often available for smoking outdoors.

Traditional highlights of Provincetown in summer include the daily T-Dance and nightly 1 am pizza and cruising at Spiritus. The hotels, pools and clubs are mostly within a short walk, and Commercial Street becomes one of our primary venues as a place to see and meet friends.

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This event is not organized by Chasabl, but we created this event page in order to give users a possibility to find other, likeminded chasabl users that are interested in going.

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